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Bike to China, along the Silk Road

In the old days camel-caravans crossed the Tash Rabat Pass (3964 m) into China, nowadays camels are no longer used by tourist. Today there is only one pass open for tourist crossing into China from Kyrgyzstan’s side: The Torugart Pass.

The last rest-place for travelers along the Silk Road before they went into China was the Caravanserai in Tash Rabat. It dates from the 10 th century and was restored in 1984 and is situated at a height of approx. 3500 m in the At Bashi range in the Kara Kojun Canyon, 80 km from the Torugart Pass. The Valley is 15 km long and some Kyrgyz families live here all year round. In summer other families from the villages nearby come with their yurtas to pasture their animals (horses, sheep, goats, cows and yaks).

Especially in this area many yaks can be found, in summer in the higher meadows, in autumn in the Valley.

Season: June-September, standard size of group between 4-12 persons, more is possible.

Duration: The total duration of this biking tour is 24 days, the group will be accompanied by a motor-bike, 4-WD or 6-WD, guide and cook.


Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek, sightseeing and overnight.
Day 2: Preparation for the tour by cycling around Bishkek, acclimatization.
Day 3: From Bishkek to the Boom Canyon, 140 km, including visit to Burana Tower.
Day 4: Cycle from the Boom Canyon to Cholpon Ata, visit petroglyphs, 130 km.
Day 5: Along the Issik Kul Lake further to Tjup village, 120 km.
Day 6: From Tjup to the San Tash Lake, 80 km (crossing San Tash Pass, 2300 m).
Day 7: From the San Tash Lake go up along the Karkara River / Canyon, 60 km (crossing pass 3000 m)
Day 8: Down to the sary Jaz River and the Echkili Tash military checkpoint, 70 km.
Day 9: Further along the Sary Jaz River, cross the Chon Ashuu Pass (3822m), down to Turgen Valley, 100 km.
Day 10: One day reserve.
Day 11: From Turgen valley further down to Karakol town, 90 km.
Day 12: From Karakol town to the Jeti Oguz Canyon/River, place of the thermal water, 60 km.
Day 13: From the Jeti Oguz to Tosor village, near the Issik Kul Lake (beach), 100 km.
Day 14: From Tosor village to Bokonbaevo village and Canyon, 90 km.
Day 15: From Bokonbaevo to Kochkor village, go up to Sary Bulak village.
Day 16: From Sary Bulak village to Altyn Bulak place and further to the Kalmak Ashuu Pass, to the north side of Son Kul Lake and go down to the Lake, (3016 m), 60 km.
Day 17: Rest day and slowly go around the lake, 40 km.
Day 18: Cross the Moldo Too Range and go down to Kurtka, 40 km.
Day 19: Further down to the Naryn River, follow the river downstream, 80 km.
Day 20: To Baetovo village and cross the Baybiche Too Range (3268m), down to mountain valley.
Day 21: From the valley cross the Kulak Ashuu Pass and down to Tash Rabat Caravan serai, 60 km.
Day 22: Visit to Caravanserai and walk/cycle to Tash Rabat (3964 m) and back.
Day 23: Cycle to Kyrgyzstan’s border, 90 km.
Day 24: Cross the Torugart Pass

Possibility of change the combination of program.