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In a country which boasts it’s hydro-electricity, it’s many mineral resources, it’s many mountains lakes, it’s waterfalls and it’s many, strong and long rivers, there are also many possibilities for going white-water rafting or kayaking.

Choose your area or your class of difficulty, in Kyrgyzstan available between 2-5, depending on the area and the time of the year. The water level in season varies, so for each of the mentioned rivers the rafting-season also varies.The season begins at the and of April or begining of May and in August,September,October.

The catamarans are locally made and are of excellent quality, the guides have special security training and are experts on water. But for the specialists we advice you to bring your equipment yourself.

Our company can organize the border zones, national parks, etc.

The international rafting grades will apply to our rivers, grades up to 4, sometimes 5 of difficulty.

Some rivers with superb possibilities:

Hereunder you can find according to their region.

  • Naryn region 
  • Naryn river 
  • Arpa river 
  • Kekemeren river
  • Chui region 
  • Chon Kemin river
  • Jalal-Abad region
  • Sari-Jaz river
  • Chichkan river 
  • Ingilchek 
  • Uzun Ahmat river 
  • Chatkal river & Sary Chelek river
  • Osh region 
  • Oy tal river
  • Tar river


Naryn river
Class of difficulty 3-4, the area is about 400 km of Bishkek
Kekemeren river
Class of difficulty 2-4, the area is about 200 km from Bishkek
Chon Kemin river
The area is about 120 km from Bishkek
Sary - Jaz river
The area is about 550-600 from Bishkek
Chatkal river & Sary Chelek river
The area is about 500 km from Bishkek, for the specialists.