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 London, United Kingdom:

  British Airways (BA) 

Istanbul, Turkey:

  Turkish Airlines (TK343, TK347, TK349)

  Pegasus (ZM-804)


Dubai, UAE:

  Flydubai (FZ772)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH453) 

Mashhad, Iran:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK855) 


Ulan Bator, Mongolia:

  Turkish Airlines (TK342)

Hong Kong, China:

  Turkish Airlines (TK6490)

Urumqi, China:

  China Southern Airlines (CZ6006)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH477)

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways) (KR719) 

Seoul (Incheon), South Korea:

  Turkish Airlines (TK6494) 


Irkutsk, Russia:

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR825)

Kazan, Russia:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK857) 

Krasnodar, Russia:

  Yakutia Airlines (R3752)

Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR729)

  Kyrgyzstan airlines (QH465)

  Avia Traffic Company (YK743)

Moscow, Russia:

  Aeroflot (SU1881, SU1883),

  Avia Traffic Company (YK883, YK939)

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR709, KR715)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH401, QH403, QH405)

Novosibirsk, Russia:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK761)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH457)

  S7 Airlines (S73294)

Saint Petersburg, Russia:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK879)

  Rossiya Airlines (FV816)

Surgut, Russia:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK867)

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR925)

Yekaterinburg, Russia:

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH469)

  Ural Airlines (U62985)


Almaty, Kazakhstan:

  Air Astana (KC110)

  Avia Traffic Company (YK757)

Dushanbe, Tajikistan:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK749)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH473)

  Tajik Air (7J4850)

Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine:

Navoi, Uzbekistan:


Tashkent, Uzbekistan:

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH409, QH419)

  Uzbekistan Airways (HY776, HY778, HY780)


Batken, Kyrgyzstan:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK151)

Isfana, Kyrgyzstan:

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR229)

Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan:

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR227)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH5)

Osh, Kyrgyzstan:

  Avia Traffic Company (YK145, YK177, YK179)

  Air Bishkek (Kyrgyz Airways)(KR231)

  Kyrgyzstan Air Company (QH11, QH3, QH7, QH87, QH93)


Horizon Travel can take care of the reservation and booking of your accommodation in Kyrgyzstan, for all type of hotels, guesthouses, home-stays, yurt-accommodation and so on.

In the different cities/towns we have contracts with:

in Bishkek, Hotel “Grand”, Hotel “Shah Palace”, Hotel “Villa”, Hotel “Albatros”, Hotel “Soluxe’, Hotel “My hotel”, Hotel  Guesthouse Asia Mountains and others;

in Osh, Hotel “Sunrise” and others;

in Naryn, home-stay and yurt-accommodation;

in Karakol, Hotel “Issyk Kul Complex”, Hotel “Amir”, Hotel “Green Yard”, home-stay and yurt-accommodation;

in Cholpon-Ata and surroundings, Hotel “Aurora”, Hotel “Karven Four Seasons”,, home-stay and yurt-accommodation and many others, tell us your wishes for the Issyk Kul Lake area.

Special local accommodation, like home-stay and yurt-accommodation, is possible in many small villages of Kyrgyzstan, a good network of Community Based Tourism (CBT) -initiatives organizes every year more possibilities to stay with the locals on places you would never come. Yurt-camps are build in valleys where you have to go by 4-Wd or on horse, on Son Kul, Jety Oguz, Suusamyr, Tosor, etc.

Prices on request, booking fee always applicable.


The transport which you have to use in Kyrgyzstan depends on the roads you go to in the country. In the north of the country, the asphalt roads are of reasonable quality and a normal car will bring you around. Even between the bigger towns regular bus connections exists. The further you drive into the mountains the stronger transport is necessary, we mean 4-WD's and 6-WD's, more comfortable for you and for your clients.

Horizon Travel can make an available 4-WD's and 6-WD's  for individuals and local comfortable buses for the groups.

Travel terms

The weather is clear and warm in the period from May to October. Kyrgyzia is a mountainous country with a sharply continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Temperatures can change quickly and unexpectedly, especially in the mountains. The average summer temperature is between 26-30 Grads. The best time to make trekking, climbing in mountains and trips is from June to September. In top of the mountains the temperature varies considerably: there can be casual rains, snows and cold nights.


The official language is Kyrgyz, but most of the people also speak Russian. In the large towns the signs in the streets and squares are in both Kyrgyz and Russian. In the South people speak also Uzbek. Most of the younger people speak English, German or French.


Travelers are recommended to have the suitable clothes to travel in the mountains. The summer days can be hot, but in the evening and at night it can be even very cold. Bring suitable foot-wear, warm sweaters, hats, etc.

Money and telephone/email

In Kyrgyzia the national currency is the Som. Souvenirs can be bought also with US dollars and Euro. These currencies can also be changed in the exchange offices and banks, before you travel to the mountains, be sure you have the local currency. ATMs availiable in Bishkek and other larger towns, such as Karakol, Naryn etc. Please note that most ATMs are working with VISA. If you have Maestro or Master Card, search for Demir Bank branches in bigger towns. 

Mobile Telephones can be used in some areas, there are many Internet Cafes in the larger towns. International calls from some hotels or some post offices possible.


Accessing boundary zones

For accessing one of the boundary zones in Kyrgyzstan: Niche area, Northern face of Terskey Range, from Aksuu in the East to Dzhuuku in the West, Achiktash (Lenin Peak), the Northern faces of the Turkestan and Alaiskiy ranges, Chatkal valley and the Aksai glacier of Ala-Archa valley clients need a special permit. Horizon Travel can obtain these permits within one month.


For a visit to the Kyrgyz Republic a life, health and property insurance is needed. Before departure for the mountaineering expeditions Horizon Travel needs a copy of your documents, including the insurance policies. Without these copies a rescue company has no guarantee of payment and, in case of an accident, will not be able to arrange its work.

Memo  for tourists

You go camping trip for the sake of communication with nature. Remember ,that the nature needs your protection. To respect the nature is our duty. So you are coming to Kyrgyzstan as you have some information about  our  nature. Our nature  is wild and beautiful.  Your trip in Kyrgyzstan most of all will be on mountains because our country  90% consist of mountains, that is why you should take warm clothes even in summer.

Location: Kyrgyzstan is located in the  north- eastern part of Central Asia in the "Heart" of the continent Eurasia. It is a country of bright sun, high, snow-covered mountains, deep gorges, fast rivers, beautiful mountain lakes.

Relief and Climate: Striking natural contrasts are due to the location of the Republic in several climatic zones. There are many lakes in the republic. The largest lake is Issyk-Kul - "Hot Lake". It never freezes and is a resort area. Attractive landscape, beautiful mountain peaks and lakes, fast rivers and the location of Kyrgyzstan along the Great Silk Road provide great opportunities for recreation.

Population: The population of  Kyrgyzstan is 6 million people, 1 million  of them live in the capital city of Bishkek.

Language: The official language is Kyrgyz, Russian and English also speaks.

National Currency: Kyrgyz “som”.

State Device: The state system is a republic. The country is divided into 7 regions. The executive power belongs to the President and the government headed by the Prime Minister. Legislative power is exercised by a bicameral parliament - the Jogorku Kenesh.

Religion: The Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic guarantees free religion. The most common religions are Islam and Christianity. Along with them, there is a large number of other denominations.

Water: Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries with excellent natural drinking water, which can be drunk from the tap of the city water supply (boiled water).

Transport: The most convenient and common mode of transport is a fixed-route (mini buses ) taxi. Between the cities there is a good bus and air service.

Shopping: In the capital and other towns there is a large number of a variety of shops, where you can buy any goods and products. A distinctive feature is the developed network of large and small markets, called bazaars. Visiting these picturesque peculiar Asian markets presents, among other things, great cognitive interest.

Kitchen: Kyrgyz culinary art absorbed all the best from Eastern and European cultures and preserved its identity and national identity. A number of Kyrgyz dishes and culinary products are very popular among many people. Those who did not eat Shorpo and Beshbarmak, Manty and Pilav, Boorsok and Chak-Chak, one can say, did not go to Kyrgyzstan. The pride of the Kyrgyz people is kymyz, a medicinal drink prepared from mare's milk in barrels of archa wood or leather vessels.