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Every year many cyclists come to mountainous Kyrgyzia to cycle; some go on individual tours, some come in groups. What we offer the cycle fan is three tours through our country, and the herewith mentioned tours are also the most 'famous' tours. More is possible, write us your wishes and if you have a good map, we help you to make your own special tour. For the individuals we can offer your our services, like picking you up from the Airport, store the cycle-boxes at our territory, etc. Type of bike: the roads in Kyrgyzstan have different quality, from asphalt roads to rocky ground roads paths in the mountains.

Biking full tour around Kyrgyzstan
This tour is crossing the different ranges of the Tien Shan mountainrange.
Biking around the lake Issyk Kul
A tour from Bishkek to Bishkek, following the mountains on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.
Biking over the mountains
Follow the legend of Issik Kul: Many Kyrgyz remember the legend about the girl of Issik kul and her two admires Ulan and Santash.
Bike to China, along the Silk Road
Today there is only one pass open for tourist crossing into China from Kyrgyzstan’s side: The Torugart Pass.