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Trek near the lake Issyk Kul
The classical trip from Chon Kyzyl Suu to Altyn Arashan
Trek over passes in the land of Snow Leopards
The Terskey Ala-Too range, south side Issyk Kul and the highest pass of the trek is 3893m, Pass Tosor,
Trek to the lake Merzbacher
The famous lake Merzbacher, situated at a height of 3300 m is named after the explorer Gottfried Merzbacher...
Cross passes of Kyrgyz Ala-Too
Trek from Kegety to Konorchek.
Cross passes of the West Tien-Shan
Trek Sary Chelek lake
Arslanbob and the walnut forests
Trek from Kara Suu to Arslanbob
The famous peaks of the Turkestan Range
South Kyrgyzstan, in this area a mix of Tajik, Uzbek and Kyrgyz people live, it's a strict islamic area with agriculture, far away from big cities or towns.
By the Lakes of Sary-Chelek
The village of Kara-Suu is 600km from Bishkek on the upper reaches of the Kara-Suu River, 1,300m ASL.