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Trek to the lake Merzbacher

The famous lake Merzbacher, situated at a height of 3300 m is named after the explorer Gottfried Merzbacher, he was the first one who wrote extensively about the Lake. Actually the Lake consists of 2 lakes, one with only water and the other one with water and big ice-bergs. Once a year, in summer, all the water of the upper lake, flows into the lower lake and make these ice-bergs swim. The water finds a way out of this big lake and flows under the North Inylchek Glacier and, nobody knows how!, into the River Inylchek. This magnificient sight of floating ice-bergs and the noise of the massive waterflood you can hear echoing in the area…


Day 1-2: Arrival in Bishkek, overnight and next day transfer to Jergalan, preparations.
Day 3: From Jergalan up to Jergalan Pass (3420 m) go down to Tjup River.
Day 4: Go up along Tjup River, cross Ashu Tor Pass (3648 m), down to Janalach River.
Day 5: Go along Janalach River go up to Ech Kili Tash Pass (3723 m), cross and go down to Sary Jaz River to military checkpoint.
Day 6: Cross bridge over the Sary Jaz River and go up along Tyuz River.
Day 7: Go up along the river to Tyuz Pass (4001 m), descend to Chon Tash near Inylchek River.
Day 8: One day of rest and/or explore the surroundings (e.g. Peak Nansen).
Day 9-10: Cross Inylchek Glacier to Merzbacher clearing and Merzbacher Lake and day for the area.
Day 11: Along the Glacier South Inylchek, camp under Peak Petrovkogo (or near Glacier Komsomolets).
Day 12-13: Further along the glacier till Basecamp Inylchek, two nights in Basecamp. One day in the area.
Day 14-16: Helicopter flight to Mayda Adyr basecamp, onward transportation to Karakol, Bishkek. Departure.

The total duration of this soft trekking tour, with the help of porters takes 16 days, trekking is 11 days.