Horizon Travel, 118, Mahatma Gandhi street, Bishkek, 720014, Kyrgyz Republic.
Cross passes of Kyrgyz Ala-Too

The mountain range the closest to Bishkek is the Kyrgyz Range. Suitable for acclimatization and at the same time a trek for people who do not want a long trek. A green area with big forests, red rocks, waterfalls, and many types of small and big mammals. There are many flowers in the valleys and high alpine meadows in the right time of the year (June/July).


Day 1-2: Arrival in Bishkek, rest and sightseeing. Next day transfer to Kegety and start the first trek, 5 hrs. Along Kegety river, sleep near Kol Tor lake.
Day 3-4: After breakfast up, cross Tuyuk Shamsinkiy Pass (3700 m). Go down along the river Tuyuk Wastochniy and along the river, altitude 2300 m. Next day down to the home where the forester lives, night near Shamshy river, nice panorama with mountains/forest/rocks, altitude 1600m (30-32 km in two days).
Day 5-6: Go up cross Pass Bel Bulak (2200 m), and go down along Ok Torkoy river, and up again along Kyzyl Suu river, further up along river Kyzyl Suu till the Konorchek Canyon (total 2 days 27-29 km).
Day 7: Through the Konorchek Canyon, 5 km, and into the direction of the Chuy River and the main road. Total 3 hrs. Back to Bishkek, or further to another region.

The total duration of this soft trekking tour, with the help of horses takes 7 days, trekking is 6 days.