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Terskey Ala-Too, tour 2

Terskey-Ala Too in translation 'multi-colour with snow mountains, turned away from the sun', situated south of Lake Issyk Kul, 375 km long and 60-80 km in width, average height about 4600 m, highest point 5216 m. Average height of the Passes are between 3600-4800 m. High in the mountains live the famous Snow Leopard, Marco Polo Sheep, Ibex and other animals.

This trek is straight through the heart of the Terskey Ala Too range, from the southside of Issyk Kul Lake over two ranges (and passes) and will finish close to the city Naryn in the Salkyn Tor canyon.



After arrival in Bishkek, late breakfast, transfer to Bokonbaevo Canyon, south side Issyk Kul Lake, visit the horses. Every day camping near water and/or in an area with good grass for the horses.

Next day via Barskoon village and Kadji Say valley, into the direction of the Tosor Pass, follow the river Tosor up and cross the pass (altitude of 3893 m) and down along the river Ashuulu Tebe. Camping always just before or after the high passes, next day more down and to the place of the hotsprings Jylysu, through the Jylysu canyon to the small Teshik Kol Lake (at an altitude of 3504 m) and along the Kara Kaman river down to the Kara Kaman canyon.

Next into the direction of the river Kichi Naryn, camp before the Sary Kungey Canyon, at an altitude of 2500 m. Time for exploring the Sary Kungey canyon and further along the Kichi (=small) Naryn through the forestzone, till the place where the Kichi Naryn meets the river Naryn and the river Chal Kan.

Last day on horse is to the canyon Salkyn Tor, just above the city Naryn. In Naryn time to do some sightseeing and drive back to Bishkek. Last evening dinner in the city Bishkek.

Terskey Ala Too, 12 days (9 days horse-riding), total 217 km