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Kyrgyz Range

The village Kegety (altitude 1200 m) is situated near the gate to the Kegety canyon, a lot of agriculture, small farms. Trek starts in the region Kegety, trip with more forest and bigger canyons and more greener the higher the trips gets, after the forestzone more stones and rocks, no trees availabe anymore. On Son Kul (3016 m) no trees, it's a high plateau.


After arrival in Bishkek, late breakfast, transfer to Kegety canyon, contact with people/horses in the horse-farm, first short trek on horse, night in a farm. The first day out of the Kegety canyon, go up into the direction of the Kegety Pass (altitude 3800 m), along the Kegety river and the first night just before the pass. After the pass to the East Karakol river and again over a pass, now Buchuk (altitude 3400 m) and down along the river East Suek. The third pass of this trek is over the Kyz Art range and more & more we go into the direction of the Son Kul Lake area. Last pass is over the Son Kul range, altitude of 3200 m and finally arrive on Son Kul. The high plateau, with no settlements.  The Kyrgyz take their cattle to the high valley and live, like in the old days, in their yurta's, their white dome-dwelling only in the summer.

It's possible to stay in the area as long as you wish, a range of treks are available. The longest is the tour around Son Kul, in 4 days, camping or sleeping in yurts. Only between the 15th of June till the 15th of September the yurtas with nomads are present.

After time on Son Kul to the town of Kochkor, overnight in home-stay and do some sightseeing. Next to Bishkek and last night dinner in the city, next day departure.

Kyrgyz Range, 15 days (13 days horse-riding), total 317 km