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Fishing, variant - 2

1. Issyk-Kul Lake and confluent mountain rivers.

The tour will start with beach and boat fishing for local species in Issyk-KulLake. Next you move to mountain canyons with rough rivers in which you will fish for Salmon and local species of Dipticus and Glabitorax (similar to Salmon). In these canyons you will stay in shooting lodges or tents.

 more in detail: transfer from Bishkek to Chong Kemin River (180 km) and 2 days fishing in this river - further to Issyk Kul region, to Tuyp or Pokrovskiy bay, 2 days fishing - possible to have now one day rest in a Sanatoria Ak Suu (with thermal water/sauna) - transfer to southside Issyk Kul Lake, to Barskoon River, 2 days fishing - further to River Ak Terek, 2 days fishing - further to Tosor River, 1 or 2 days fishing - further to Ton River, 1 or 2 days. Back to Bishkek.Total distance of all driving is 1200 km. Good fishing for 100% secured.

 2. Rivers running from the Kyrghyz and Talas ranges, ToktogulLake.

You will fish for numerous species of Dipticus and Glabitorax in the Suussamyr, Kokomeren and other rivers in this area. Then you will fish for two species of Salmon (up to 4 kilos) in the Chickan river confluent to ToktogulLake. The next destination will be ToktogulLake where you will fish for large Sazans and the entire complex of local species.

 more in detail: transfer from Bishkek through Too Ashuu Pass to the River West-Karakol (190 km), 1 or 2 days fishing - transfer to Kekemerin River, 2 days fishing - further to Suusamyr Valley and River, 2 or 3 days fishing - cross the Ala Bel Pass and to Chichkan River, 2 days fishing - further to Uzun Achmat River or Kara Kuldja, 2 or 3 days of fishing. Back to Bishkek. Total distance of all driving is 1100 km. Good fishing for 100% secured.

 As mentioned tours will have 12 days (2 days from travelling to/from the area of starting), total 10 days for fishing. Groupsize best between 6 and 12 persons, for this groupsize your tourleader with this group is free of charge. Also individuals are welcome, seperate price available.

 Other info:

- the best months for trout-fishing are from the second half of March, to first half of July, and then all September and October. But in October it gets already colder in the mountain-area, and for camping sometimes too cold.

- the rivers are clear (and very clear in the morning), especially in spring till half may the water level is lower (and not too strong streams), in summer strong water but in the morning till 12 o'clock the level is good and clear enough for fishing.

- For companies and tourists who come for the first time to Kyrgyzstan, it looks like the level of services are not 'up to Western standards'. We provide the best services we can get in the circumstances we have to live in.

In some area's there are just no good guesthouses or hotels. In a yurt a toilet and shower is not available. And for driving in the country we have to adjust ourselves to the condition of the road, only the big new road from Bishkek to Osh is a good road, the road around the Issyk Kul lake is reasonable good, but the mountain roads are groundroads.