Horizon Travel, 118, Mahatma Gandhi street, Bishkek, 720014, Kyrgyz Republic.
Kara Bulak Eco Resort

"Kara Bulak"  Eco Resort, based in the middle of picturesque mountains, is located just 25 km from Bishkek city, at elevation of 1,800 meters above the sea level. It is a place where You will be able to go in for sports, have time in a circle of loved ones and friends, and in addition feel oneself on harmony with nature. And 15 original designed luxury suites cottages, with special ceiling glass "tunduk" for seeing myriads of sparkling stars, will provide you with comfort and coziness. 

We offer the following services;

  • Family rest
  • Corporative rest
  • Conference services
  • Teambuilding & Retreat
  • Kymyz treatment (mare milk)
  • Smoke sauna "Yshtyk Moncho"
  • Spa treatments
  • Hiking till the "Pigeon's waterfall"
  • Riding tours along Chui Region
  • Jeep tours along Chui Region
  • Fishing
  • National cuisine from eco-products


"Yshtyk Moncho" - smoke sauna

It is a unique Bath and health-improvement complex with exclusive recreation and health improvement services, namely:

  • Patio for recreation with a fireplace in the middle
  • Phyto-drums under the open sky with addition of decoctions made of sea-buckthorn, honey and medicative herbs
  • The pool that is filled up with upland spring water
  • Unique sweating room (smoke type) with a dry steam uo 140 celsius