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Birdwatchingtours in the Tien-Shan


The camp is located in the Altyn Arashan gorge of the Terskey Ala-Too mountain range, which is in the south-eastern part of the Issyk-Kul Lake basin. The height is 3,000 meters. The camp is 400 km from Bishkek city. The clients are transported from Bishkek airport to the camp by car. 
Season: 10-15 May and 1-10 June are the best periods to watch the nestling and pullus and to take pictures of numerous species of Tien-Shan birds. 
In the area you can find: 
Gyps Himalaeas (Himalayan Griffon), Gypaetus Barbatus (Lammergeier), Aguila Chrysaerrug (Golden Eagle), Tetraogallus Himalayensis (Himalayan Snowcock), Lyrarus Tetrix Tianshanias (Black Grouse), Anser Indicus (Bad-headed Goose), Pyrrhocorax Pyrrhocorax (Red-billed Chough), Myophomus Caeruleus (Blue Whistling Thrush), Monticola Solitarius (Blue Rock-Thrush), Phoenicurus Erythrogaster (White-winged Redstart), Phoenicurus Caeruleocephala (Blue-capped Redstart), Parus Rufonuchalis (Rufous-naped Tit), Serinus Pusillus (Fire-fronted Serin), Montifringilla Nivalis (White-winged Snowfinch), Mycerobas Carnipes (White-winged Grosbeak), Leptopoecile Sophiae (White-bowed Tit Warbler), Ibidorhumcha Suthersii (Ibisbill), and many others…

Services provided: all transport (with drivers and fuel) for both personnel and equipment; facilities for meetings and socializing; consultant ornithological services; full board; interpreter services.

You will need to bring a small backpack for use during daily excursions. You can bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mattress, or we can supply you with our material (of European standard). You are responsible for all your own photographic equipment, and definitely take warm clothes with you.

The expeditions are organized for a minimum groupsize of 3 people. 
Each tour will be of 15 days duration including arrival and departure days. If desired, tours of a different duration may be arranged. Prices only on request, included are: accommodation in Bishkek (days of arrival and departure), visa preparation, transport, food provision, guide services, payment to personnel and camping equipment.

Above mentioned birdwatching trip is one example of our trips, in general in all seasons Birdwatching is possible, together with trips to Kazakhstan.

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