To Merzbacher Lake


The famous lake Merzbacher, situated at a height of 3300 m is named after the explorer Gottfried Merzbacher, he was the first one who wrote extensively about the Lake. Actually the Lake consists of 2 lakes, one with only water and the other one with water and big ice-bergs. Once a year, in summer, all the water of the upper lake, flows into the lower lake and make these ice-bergs swim. The water finds a way out of this big lake and flows under the North Inylchek Glacier and ,nobody knows how!, into the River Inylchek. This magnificient sight of floating ice-bergs and the noise of the massive waterflood you can hear echoing in the area…


Day 1-2: Arrival in Bishkek, overnight and next day transfer to Jergalan, preparations.
Day 3: From Jergalan up to Jergalan Pass (3420m) go down to Tjup River.
Day 4: Go up along Tjup River, cross Ashu Tor Pass (3648m), down to Janalach River.
Day 5: Go along Janalach River go up to Ech Kili Tash Pass (3723m), cross and go down to Sary Jaz River to military checkpoint.
Day 6: Cross bridge over the Sary Jaz River and go up along Tyuz River.
Day 7: Go up along the river to Tyuz Pass (4001m), descend to Chon Tash near Inylchek River.
Day 8: One day of rest and/or explore the surroundings (e.g. Peak Nansen).
Day 9-10: Cross Inylchek Glacier to Merzbacher clearing and Merzbacher Lake and day for the area.
Day 11: Along the Glacier South Inylchek, camp under Peak Petrovkogo (or near Glacier Komsomolets).
Day 12-13: Further along the glacier till BaseCamp Inylchek, two nights in Basecamp. One day in the area.
Day 14-16: Helicopterflight to Mayda Adyr base-camp, onward transportation to Karakol, Bishkek. Departure.

The total duration of this soft trekking tour, with the help of porters takes 16 days, trekking is 11 days.

To Merzbacher Lake

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