The famous peaks of the Turkestan Range


South Kyrgyzstan, in this area a mix of Tajik, Uzbek and Kyrgyz people live, it's a strict islamic area with agriculture, far away from big cities or towns.

Two treks, one in the Asan-Usan area and our alternative south of Osh, in the direction of the Aalayskiy and Zaalayskiy Range. Trekking in the region Karavshin, from River Karavshin to River Kshemish.

Programme, variant 1

Day 1: Transfer from Osh to Voruh, camp.
Day 2: From village Voruh (1400m) go up along River Karavshin, 13-15km, till 1600m.
Day 3: Go further up along the river, the canyon will become smaller and higher, 14-15km, till 1800m.
Day 4: Go through the small rock-canyon to the small village of Karavshin, cross the River Jaupaya and River Aksuu, 14-15km, till 2700-2800m.
Day 5: Go up to Canyon Tash Koroo, 4km, cross Pass Tamyngen (3800m) and go down to River Tamyngen, 3km, further along the river to the place where it meets the River Min Teke (2500m), total distance today 15km.
Day 6: Go up from the crossing of the rivers to the Pass Kugandy (3400m), 4km, and go down to River Jiptyk, 4km (2500m) and again up along the river about 10-12km, total today 18-20km, and camp at an altitude of 3000-3100m.
Day 7: Rest-day in the camp, short walks & time for taking pictures of Peaks Piramidalniy (5516m), Peak Min Teke (5432m), Peak Tamyngen (5260m), Peak Granitniy (5278m) and many others.
Day 8: Radial walk to Glacier Shurovskogo (3450-3500m), 8km, and back.
Day 9: Go up to Pass Kara Davan (3814m), not difficult, 3km. From the top of the pass nice panorama of peaks/rocks of the Turkestan Range. After pass down to the boundary Fatkuli to River Chechekty (2700m) and go down further along the river, total 16km today.
Day 10: Along the river down to River Kshemish before the road, total 12km. End of trek, transfer to Osh, 200km, 5-7 hrs.
Day 11: Next day from Osh to Bishkek or further to Uzbekistan.

Programme, variant 2

Day 1: From Osh by truck 90km along River Ak Buura to village Hadji Kelen, in the higher meadows of the village, make camp (altitude 2100-2200m).
Day 2: Radial walk in Canyons around Hadji Kelen, near River Djiptik Suu, acclimatization.
Day 3: Go up along the River Djiptik Suu, 15km, night before Pass Djiptik, altitude 3000m.
Day 4: Go up to Pass Djiptik (4185m), 7km, and descent along River Djiptik Suu south to Alay Valley, 8km (3400m).
Day 5: Descent to Village Sarimogol cross River Kyzyl Suu (no bridge), again go up along the River Achik Tash, 15 km.
Day 6: Walk into the direction of the Base Camp Pik Lenin, Achik Tash place, night near lake, 14km.
Day 7: Radial walks at the Achik Tash plateau in the surroundings of Peak Lenin, back to basecamp.
Day 8: Walk to the west in the direction of the next canyon or walk to the pass near Peak Lenin Basecamp.
Day 9: Go down into direction of village Kashka Suu, last day walking.
Day 10: Drive back to Osh, 300km, 6 hrs.
Day 11: Next day from Osh to Bishkek or further to Uzbekistan.

The famous peaks of the Turkestan Range

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